Rayman Legends: stunning return of mystical game

Latest instalment of this popular 2D platformer is insanely inventive, but do we need 'panty shots'?
What you need to knowA new instalment of the popular 2D platforming game Rayman has been released in the UK. Rayman Legends, the fifth main title in the series, is produced by Ubisoft Montpellier for Wii, Playstation, Microsoft Windows and Xbox. In Legends, Rayman and friends awake from a century-long sleep to find that the Bubbledreamer's nightmares have plunged the world into chaos. As in previous instalments, the game is set in mystical realms and involves running, jumping, freeing magical beings from cages and collecting magical energy to save the day. Along with returning characters Rayman, Globox and the Teensies, players can now control a new female character called Barbara. Multiplayer and co-op modes are available. What the critics like"The most remarkable thing about Rayman Legends is how consistently it introduces new and unpredictable ideas over its roughly 12 hours," says Jose Otero on IGN. It proves there's still room for exciting creativity in the platforming genre. This is a "visually stunning game" with a gloriously Gallic art style, says David Jenkins in Metro. Insanely inventive at every turn, its visuals, music and gameplay resonate in perfect harmony. "This is one of the most jubilant, vividly imagined and open-hearted platformers to come along in a long time," says Edge Online. To play it is to vicariously experience the developers' abiding love of video games, and to be reminded why you love them too. What they don’t likeThere is only one problem in this game, which is otherwise excellent in every other way, says Tom McShea on Gamespot. When a female character dies you're treated to a creepy panty shot that just seems totally out of place. Source: The Week UK